who are you?

Located in the heart of the growing technology corridor of Catawba County North Carolina, we are a software development company dedicated to making the best mobile applications possible.

what do you do?

Hijinx Software is a full-service application development company. We build educational apps for children and games for the casual and hardcore gamer alike.

But we're not all fun and games. With over 15 years experience as programmers and application developers, we have the skills to build your next mobile application. Whether you need an in-house enterprise solution or a public product, we will help you grow your business and gain exposure in the fast-growing mobile market.

why do you do it?

We're passionate about computers and technology, and we've been on the cutting edge of emerging software markets since the mid-90s. The mobile applications market is one of the most exciting to come along - and we want to use our experience gleaned from years at successful dot coms and fortune 500 companies to shape the future of mobile app development.

how do you do it?

We begin each project by evaluating the current market. What do people want? What apps do they need? What trends are pushing software development? This kind of analysis informs our development process to ensure that our apps are meeting real-world concerns.

As we build our apps we work closely with members of that app's audience - whether that means children for an educational game or entrepreneurs for a suite of business apps - to get valuable feedback from real users. We use that feedback to continuously improve our apps during development so that the final product exceeds expectations.

And throughout our entire development process we use only the best tools and methods to ensure that we produce the best software possible.

what makes you unique?

We believe that every app can be polished, well-made, and easy to use. And we started Hijinx Software to prove it.

The mobile application market is exploding. New apps are released every second and consumers are downloading tens of millions of apps every day. But quantity is not quality, and with the rapid growth comes many apps that are poorly developed and rushed to market. We make apps that are well developed and thoroughly tested - and you'll see the difference in every app we build.